Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life Changes

It certainly has been a while since I last wrote something significant. Today was rather inspirational and frustrating in a few ways. I was checking out a movie which was recommended by my buddy as smthing that I should not miss. It was "Easy A" a show that co-relates to a teenager's life which shows how people try so hard just to fit in or stand out from the crowd. The shows was simply inspirational in many ways as it tries to deliver a message that whatever problems that we create should be  solved by us. It doesn't matter how you do but just do it. Well, lies is particular common in our daily lives but it might bite you back if it goes out of control. In this movie, the problem started with a lie that she was a hooker/slut. Her life was filled with attention at first but gradually became quite bitter as rumours spread like wild fire, mostly exaggerated and untrue. In the end, she ended her problems with a Bang by making a confession to the whole school through her webcam about how her life resolved to its current state.  

Moving on to the frustrating moment of the day, leaving under one roof with your sibling isn't entirely the best thing life has to offer especially when it's within the same room. My bro is an awesome guy who acted like a father instead of a bro. However, times have changed as I gradually grew up. The kind and cool brother that I used to know is somewhat gone. Time changes people in many ways especially towards the bitter side. It's kinda weird how people let the world change you for who you are. I always believe that people should be able to take charge of their lives not let everyone/anything change it. Well, my brother certainly has. Stress and the pressure of being jobless has definitely made him bitter to everyone. 

Today has certainly been a mix of feelings but definitely a learning experience. Well, I'm gonna rock my life and never living without a life.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Chase

It's gonna be a stream of pain & stress. I have 5 subjects to study and the best part is that I am way back in time. In order to case up and keep up the pace, I can't even afford to waste a day. It would be dooms day if I did. Damn u Chinese New Year! I never felt this way for CNY. I wish that exams did have to fall during the CNY period. Well, guess life isn't always fair. Got to stay focused and strengthen my will because it's gonna be a really rough week that will test me physically & mentally. Gambahtei! 

Speaking of which, I just got inspired to keep on living with enthusiasm when I watched "Burlesque", acted by Christina Arguilera. It was a really inspiring and fun show that shows how strong a woman can be if she tries her best and stand for what she believes in. Having faith and confidence in yourselve is the most important thing to keep by your side especially when you are in a tough spot in life. Life can keep pushing you down but you can keep getting up if you try your very best. As long as you don't give up, you can achieve your wildest dreams. That movie made me realised that there is so much in life and I am glad that I am not attached yet. There are many awesome and beautiful women out there and having one now in Singapore is a complete waste of time. Comparing the 2 different worlds, Singaporean girls are like small girls rather than real women. Well, that what I see and believe. An awesome movie worth watching at least twice. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cake Hunt & Cramming

It is a really tiring day. From campus to Bedok, from Bedok to East Coast Road, from ECR to Bugis, from Bugis to Orchard Road, OR to Tanjong Pagar and lastly, from TP to Yishun. All that within 4 and the half hours of travelling. It certainly is a journey worth doing for someone so close in my life. It's painful but satisfying. I left campus at 5pm to embark on my journey to Bedok. I knew it was going to be a long journey but who knew that the Cheesecake Cafe was not in operation on Mondays and Tuesdays. I was utterly shocked when I discovered it's closure. It was around 7.40pm when I reached ECR. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to find such a ulu place even though it was nightfall. However, my heart pumped up and sank when I saw the shop. I was delighted for the first few seconds but it was a disappointment for the rest of the journey. I quickly thought of an alternative immediately by setting my next destination to Ngee Ann City. I was disappointed once again with the poor selections of cakes they had. I asked around and received my final option which is Paragon. They had Bakerz'in which had the flavored cake I needed (Tiramisu). But the price was a jaw dropper. It was $51 dollars! 

Despite all that I went through, I think that my decision to get it was not in vain. To my surprise, it was actually an ice cream tiramisu cake. It's no wonder why the price was so high. I was also glad soon after because my sister loved the cake. All ends well I might say. The other awesome thing that happen that night was a incidental meeting with an awesome girl. She was gorgeous and had the innocent ambiance around her. She brought about 2 totally different elements. Blasting off a loud music while looking so ignorant. But she was worth the thought.  

As of today, I realized that I have lost my touch in presentation. I fumbled at the second line it self. What a shame for someone who managed to represent TEP. I need to socialize more to get my jaw, tung, and confidence exercised. No more games and non-relevant activities that waste my precious time. I have to get my game up again. Regrets are an absolutely no.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Projects & People

Having the opportunity to be part of projects is an experience worth remembering. It enables me to work with various types of people who can either make you happy, stressed, angry, delighted or even surprised. How you deal with projects is important because a bad start will kill the mood and the motivation of your members. I have pretty much screwed up many projects with my ignorance and laziness. I should say that I was a pain in the next for my previous leaders. However, I now understand what it means to shoulder the responsibility of a leader. If you don't decide and take the first move, your reputation and drive will instantaneously be rendered useless. 

Dealing with projects is like dealing with people. If no attention is given to it, there will be no progress like how relationship is distant when interest is lost. Constant dedication and strong discipline are needed to pull the strings together. Those strings are the people who are part of the team, people who can either cause the team to crumble or rumble. If the right step are taken, the team will be highly motivated and enthusiastic. As a result, the team has cooperation and quality. It is something that is hard to achieve but necessary. That is what I managed to learn out of countless failures and hardship.   

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Everyone has someone special in their lives. They can be someone as close as their family or even a secret admirer. Thinking about old times, I too have crushes with many girls buy never once attempted to take a step forward and be honest towards my feelings. It was a fantasy that was shared only with myself. I believe it was the lonely days of my life. I envied my friends who had awesome girlfriends and able to please them with jokes and memorable moments. However, I always knew that one day I might be able to see the moment of Love in my life. It's a day to look forward and experience. If I remembered correctly, here are the girls who passed through my life and moved on:

Dixie Ong
Diane Too
Wong Chu Wen 
Hui Min

Evey girl in the above inspired me in various ways. I always looked up to them since they were of a different league of their own. I was small, young and aimless in life. I did not have an identity and route. Through my growing years, I played PC games, Football, Basketball and even Cycling. But, I only excel only at a certain moment. Those moments never came back after that. I began to let go of many things which I could spent hours, days, months or even years. I was growing up. When I look back, it was worth not going up and confession to these girls. Reason being, they were actually not special. I was just too ignorant and love sick. I did not see that the time I spent loving them secretly could be diverted into improving my self to be a better person. Now, I have a new dream and aim in life. I have to do well in my studies, get a good job, be confident and ultimately be in Japan to lead my life. It was a small dream but I realised that anything can be achieve as long as their is will, effort and guidance from the right people. 

Watching "

Kimi ni Todoke", it brought me back to those days. Days of ignorance and self-indulgence. Never had worries about money nor self-esteem. It was haven and the best times in my childhood. I was Love that made my youth days so interesting. Though I did not have an actual relationship, I am glad that I still get to spare that experience for someone special in the future. Someone who accepts me for who I am and Love me unconditionally. A girl who shares eternal love and trust with me till the ends of time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Life

I realized that everyone has a life to live and a mind to decide. Everyone chooses their own friends and clicks. The people that surrounds them are the people who stick with them through thick and thin. However, you can't make everyone like you. It is easy to make a bad image by doing the wrong things. Sometimes, I wish I was that good myself. I have been a bad leader in terms of attitude and personality. 

But, people can change and I want that to happen to me as well. In order to change, actions have to be taken to improve one's self. I have to put in 100% effort to complete it perfectly. I managed to get a full grade for ICT and I know I can do it again. I have to learn to love myself before I can love others. Never have negative thoughts and always make my priority straight. Distraction is a challenge because it can come in any form so long as it drives you away for your main focus especially in life.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Meaning Behind Life

Being inspired by the littlest things in life is what makes me feel that it's worth the hardship. In ever individual's life, there is always a story to tell. That is what makes new people so interesting. The moment your story ends, it's the end of your life. As long as there is time on your side, create a story and remember that it's you that you are creating. Literature Girl a Japanese Anime Movie that tells a tale of a girl who loves stories and ate them like her diet. Her story involved a guy, Inoue, a talented writer who had a complicated past. His career began because of his childhood friend, Miu. He dedicated all his talent into a book telling a tale of his love towards a girl who he had looked up to. The story came into a complex scenario that revealed all the dark secrets Miu had. Despite appearing like a perfect girl, she was ugly on the inside. However, it was something that everyone had. It's the fear of being left all alone. Love and Companionship are important in everyone's life. It can make someone stronger and willed to live. Another lesson that the story revealed is the power to let go and move forward. Everyone has a road in life and it is what makes a future.