Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Long Journey

I can't help but feel so tempted to do other stuff, disregarding all the workload on my back. However, I have to keep going on to reach the finish line. Running away from problems and responsibilities will not erase them. I have to face them full force and break the barriers of pain and hard effort. 

Despite having all the positive thinking, I feel down and restless. All I want to do is to relax and do nothing. Logically, I would be losing out in so many areas if I did that. Remembering the another day, I feel motivated to be better person with high dreams and hopes. I have so much to do and so little time. I guess I need more time management and self-discipline to reach my destination in life. XP

I have to be calm and composed to think straight and maturely before taking abrupt and irrational actions that might lead to wastage of precious time and money as well. Darn, I feel that I'm thinking like an old man. I want to be funky and fun but it seems that it's not my nature. I just have to be who I am and enjoy the little companions that I have. Being someone else is a real struggle since I have to always put on a mask to fit in.
Come to think of it, people who I used to know in TEP have started to ignore and give me Stearn faces whenever we crossroads. I guess bad rumours about me have spread all over their network. I pretty much understand that I did a few mistakes like being to impulsive, short-tempered, arrogant and once, a jerk. However, I want to change all that now. I need to improve people management skills and let everyone enjoy when they work with me. It's hard to be leader but I'll learn and strive to be a better one. Oops, I'm kinda hungry with all that work, time to chow down some food!

"Like they say, if problems keep pushing you down, keep getting up and never give up."

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Love & Drive

It was an awesome Christmas celebration in my sis's place. They had lots of food and people. However, I wasn't entirely communicative with the people who attended the party. They were adults who are working and have wives and husbands. Their taste and topics were so different and new. I felt out of place but thank God that the food kept me company. When I taught that the party was going to be a lonely and "anti-social" one, she was there. She was particulary different from everyone there because she was willing to talk  about topics that were all to familiar. She was my Sis's friend's older sis.

Something about her made me so intrigued and interested. We had a normal conversation but I was enjoying it. Her personality couldn't compare to her younger sis in the right way. She was more approachable and fun to talk with. I was drawn to her life experience as a girl who was brought up in Texas and now living as a single matured women and with a sweet companion (dog). The best part was, she inspried me by giving me hope that I'm able to travel if I wanted to. If I were to end up in Texas in the future, I'm more than welcomed to spend a night at her house. This experience made me want to be more than what I am.

From that night onwards, I look forward to the next day to be a better person and hopefully a person worth having fun and joy with.

"A night to remember and a person to look forward in the future to come"