Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life Changes

It certainly has been a while since I last wrote something significant. Today was rather inspirational and frustrating in a few ways. I was checking out a movie which was recommended by my buddy as smthing that I should not miss. It was "Easy A" a show that co-relates to a teenager's life which shows how people try so hard just to fit in or stand out from the crowd. The shows was simply inspirational in many ways as it tries to deliver a message that whatever problems that we create should be  solved by us. It doesn't matter how you do but just do it. Well, lies is particular common in our daily lives but it might bite you back if it goes out of control. In this movie, the problem started with a lie that she was a hooker/slut. Her life was filled with attention at first but gradually became quite bitter as rumours spread like wild fire, mostly exaggerated and untrue. In the end, she ended her problems with a Bang by making a confession to the whole school through her webcam about how her life resolved to its current state.  

Moving on to the frustrating moment of the day, leaving under one roof with your sibling isn't entirely the best thing life has to offer especially when it's within the same room. My bro is an awesome guy who acted like a father instead of a bro. However, times have changed as I gradually grew up. The kind and cool brother that I used to know is somewhat gone. Time changes people in many ways especially towards the bitter side. It's kinda weird how people let the world change you for who you are. I always believe that people should be able to take charge of their lives not let everyone/anything change it. Well, my brother certainly has. Stress and the pressure of being jobless has definitely made him bitter to everyone. 

Today has certainly been a mix of feelings but definitely a learning experience. Well, I'm gonna rock my life and never living without a life.