Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rumors but True

Dear Diary,

Just recently, I broke news to 2 of my colleagues about my interest in Mawen. Well, I was given a promise that it will be just between the 3 of us but I knew that it would spread to others in no time. It was a risk but people were noticing the regular dinners and chats we shared w only the 2 of us. I couldn't deny it as actions spoke louder than words.

As expected, news got over @ her end and her work neighbors were asking whether she was seeing someone from the office. Her reaction was, "Nope, he's just someone I go Zumba with. It's perfectly normal for a guy & gurl to hang out as friends." I agreed since it was the exact same thing I said to all my previous close gurl buddies. However, it never felt so bad as really didn't have any the connection I now have. Is this what the gurls felt when I said it? Sure sucks!

I didn't really push further into that topic since I knew that it wasn't the right time. 29th of September 2013 is the date when I will break the magical question. It's the eve of her 33rd birthday. Just by writing that figure gives me second thoughts. My plan is to come up with a sketch that consists of a hairpin. It will be a challenge since I have drawn in a while and realism is not as easy.

The last time we hanged out was on the 30.05.2013 since we were both staying late. We had a wonderful dinner @ Plaza Singapura and spent like 2 hours chatting. Here are the stuff I found out:

a) Meteor Garden

a) Insects
b) Reptiles

We talked about her shooting in a short company video, dramas, company's departmental meeting and some jokes on her local food - something like mango w fish. I'm glad that she's open with a lot of stuff especially problem and what she likes. I managed to give some encouragement about her friend and it felt good. Have you ever felt like on the top of the world when you can make life easier for the people you love? That's definitely what it felt. Love is so unfair since she keeps running through my mind!

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