Saturday, June 29, 2013

Girls & Their Feelings

Dear Diary,

Thinking too much isn't good since chances are, what you are thinking isn't what's happening. The past few weeks made me realised that you can't expect people to reply all of your responses since they could be simply too busy or just dumbfounded of what you said. If the person I'm conversing with is someone special, I would be very sensitive if I didn't get any response when a msg is sent. However, it's not something that should bother you too much since she could simply not respond since she's not feeling her best or it's rather a statement to her rather than an expected response.

K has her vulnerable and soft spots despite showing a strong front to people. It's something that I find admirable and cute. Admirable since she can suck it up and pull through the day when the world feels like it's crumbling. As for the cute part, it's referring more to the unexpected trait. The fact that she shares a personal and vulnerable part makes my heart melt. A will of a man but a heart of a woman is simply the perfect combination. Yesterday, 28/06/2013 is when I learnt my lesson to not think too much on people's response. I gave a random msg, "I luv TGIF!" and didn't get any response. My mind went wild but what I didn't know was, she was having a rough day and she even broke the sacred tears. Plus, YPL helped pushed the pop question about us being an item.

This event confirmed that what girls say is the opposite of how they feel. K commented that we were just friends but what her Whatsapp status shows the total opposite. Her status was negative before we converse but after interactions, it changed to the following:

a) Grateful (Love emo)
b) Whatever happens to us in the future, my time spent with you is the best time of my life
c) Love you like a love song,baby

She might be referring to another person so this would not be a concrete statement.

However, today was simply enjoyable! I spent my Saturday with her from Bottle Tree Park > Pool > World War Z. We had fun and I was so tempted to hold her but I knew it was too soon. Well, I did learnt a few stuff about her though:

a) Heat makes a rash
b) Prefer sweet & salty popcorns
c) Never bowled before since her wrist can't lift heavy stuff
d) Luvs victory!

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