Friday, July 5, 2013

Living in the moment.

Dear Diary,

Today is a bit of a mix. I feel nostalgic, sad, touched, worried, skeptical, jealous and infinite. Work was fine but it could be better. My relationship isn't getting to far but there was a moment that could be considered the best. I made her laugh even when we both were serious and stressed @ work. Thinking of it @ the moment, I didn't appreciate it since I was distracted by work and the possibility that I would be rejected which I was. It seems like I have to an advance booking before getting her. She's a busy woman and her secretary (imaginary) is one hell of a difficult person. XD

Nostalgic - The Perks of Being a Wallflower brings back old memories from my childhood where I was the quite type, innocent and shy. Ash who has been there since my younger days was my confidant and a figure of confidence. He was someone that was not scared to speak his mind and everyone knew him. She could simply speak to anyone and shared his experiences. My childhood was lively with him and other friends who I knew along the way.

Sad, Jealous & Worried - Her plans for the night was booked and my invitation was rejected but it didn't end there. When she left office, our Director left the office while hurrying to catch up with her. I knew that I jealous since she is giving him too much opportunity when I clearly know his intentions are simply not good. He is a family man but still has ample time to bring his staff for personal dinner dates. No matter how I place it, he could just see her as a sexual figure. I'm worried that she will be dragged into a world that could taint her and change who she really is. Being hurt and numb again makes it harder to trust others again.

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