Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear diary,

It has been 2 years since I last posted something! A lot has happened in this time span. I've got a full time job in a CPA firm, met new people and fell in love.

Mharitez Gonzales - someone special who I felt a connection since the first time I met her. Love is an unexpected event since I am putting myself in a very complex relationship. She is a decade older, popular in her community and thinks she is gay. Why would a guy in his right mind fall in love with such a girl. Well, it's her personality that made me took a liking in her. Her shy reactions, enthusiasm in telling  her stories, laughter, smile, and maturity.

By far, this is the most alone time I have spent with a girl. It started with a one on one movie outing which changed our relationship status from colleague to friend (or so I think). She opened up with her broken relationship story and how she suffered from learning the horrible truth about her ex.

Subsequent dinners @ the convenience of OTs made her more comfortable with hanging our with me even though it was just the two of us. My colleagues were suspecting since we always come back from dinner together but what they don't know is, she doesn't feel in that way. Given the circumstances, it's only normal that she treats me like a confidant and maybe a regular friend.

I decided to step it up a little by asking her out for jogging @ MBS since she wanted to start exercising again but she didn't have anyone to run with. Then it hit me, since she needed people to motivate her, I fill the job description like a missing puzzle piece. However, I had to bump into my sis and bro which sucked since my sis jumped into conclusion that I was already dating and she was way too old for me. From here on out, my feeling began to waver since I don't have my family support to begin with.

Soon after, we decided to give hip hop dance a chance. I met her friend and instructor, Paul who ran the classes. It was intimidating since the students were seasoned and routine looked difficult. I gave it a go @ POMO & I lost hands down. I couldn't spin and maintain my posture. When I knew I nearly punched the guy beside me, I decided to throw in the white flag. Surely, it would be good if I got into a fight. Mawen was reluctant to join since we both felt it was too much for beginners like us.

Zumba was an "Aunty" sport since a professional dancer like Admyra said so herself. However, I decided to give a shot since I may luv it. Mawen and I moved and grooved to the instructor's moves. It was fun and tiring! I was convinced that it wasn't for aunties since I hurt my back! Took me nearly 1 week to get back in shape.

My second attempt was with more company - Ariel & Lovely. These two are Mawen's best buds and it's only natural that I would eventually meet them in person. However, I do not have good experiences with meeting my crush's friends since the beginning of time. They are either too protective or someone in the group also has a crush on her. It sucks and it happened again. I was clueless of their jokes since they were all speaking in Philippines. Haiz.....the difference in culture sure forms a barrier.

Well, later that night, I realized that things were actually very messy. Mawen was late since the director held her back which made Lovely upset since we were late and me as well since I was kept in the dark on a lot of stuff. Regardless, it was definitely a test for me since things don't go smoothly every time. I can't blame Mawen for all that had happen since there were many uncontrollable events. If I was in her shoes, I would be dumbfounded as well.

Lesson: Never jump to a conclusion before analyzing the situation.

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